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Island Strong Distributors

Island Strong Distributors is the supplier of 51Fifty Energy Drinks in Asia.

51FIFTY Energy Drink utilizes the highest quality herb extracts and contains an extraordinary blend of the Maca and Astragalus Roots which are known to increase energy, boost your immune system, strengthen vitality, improve sexual desire and raise resistance against fatigue. We have also added the additional benefits of Ginseng, Taurine and Caffeine. This energy drink has a refreshing flavor without the thick sugary aftertaste of other energy drinks and will give you the energy you need without headaches or jitters. So grab a cold 51 FIFTY Energy Drink and Live The Madness!

fuel the fire

A portion of the proceeds on all wholesale order of 51Fifty Brand Energy Drink goes directly to the Carlos Vieira Foundation and the Race For Autism campaign.

Where To Buy

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What Makes Us Different

Simply put: We taste better… Our Organic flavors are incredible… We’re better for you…


You can't go wrong with organic incredients like Maca, Astragalus Root, Ginseng and Sweet Potato.


You are simply not going to believe the taste till you try one. Incredible flavor, no aftertaste like most energy drinks.


A portion of all sales go directly to the Carlos Vieira Foundation and the Race For Autism charities.

Push The Limit

& Don’t Back Down

increase energy

Get your energy from natural ingredients. Get the boost you need, without the crash.

boost immune system

Your immune system loves ginseng, B vitamins and astragalus root.

strenthen vitality

Our vitality enhancing herbs are sure to get you going.

Improve sexual desire

Maca and Astragalus Roots are both known to increase energy, strengthen vitality, improve sexual desire.

resistance against fatigue

Our special blend of herbs and vitamins is the best way to fight fatigue.

refreshing flavors

The taste of our drinks over the bigger names is no competition. Ours simply tastes better, period...

made with love & passion

51FIFTY Energy Drink contains a blend of the Maca and Astragalus roots that have various health benefits


51FIFTY was borne out of one man’s desire to chase his dream. We at Island Strong believe that everyone has the opportunity for greatness.

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We’ve expanded our apparel line to include many great looks for men, women and children. We’ve also added many new accessories so you can rep 51FIFTY everywhere you go! 51Fifty Clothing is a great way to promote the brand.

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